• Olympus series equipped with a 5-megapixel digital camera

  • Vigor Glovebox equipped with a room-temperature Probe station

  • Lake Shore-Model TTPX Cryogenic 6-arm Probe Station with vibration isolation (operation from 4.2 K to 475 K)

  • Keysight Precision Sourcemeter

  • Keysight High-Resistance Meter

  • Keysight InfiniVision Oscilloscope

  • Keysight Semiconductor Device Parameter Analyzer

  • Noise Measuring System (1 Hz up to 10000 Hz)

  • Tunable light-power sources (wavelength: 405, 520, 650, 780, 850 nm) 

  • Leybold Pumping Station

  • Rapid Thermal Annealing

  • Home-made Transfer platform

  • Thermal evaporation​ with 2 boats


Other Available Facilities*:

  • E-beam lithography systems (Off-campus, Hsinchu city)

  • Atomic Force Microscope​ (On-campus)

*We have the access of public/personal equipment in our (other) campus.

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