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Welcome to LIN Research Group @ NCHU


What happens when beauty and simplicity connect in a small space. Our researches try to give a collective understanding of electrical properties in low-dimensional devices and will aid performance optimization in future nanoelectronics.


Our group is built at National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan (Feb., 2014). All members in our team are young and always enthusiastic about our research issues. We work diligently here and contribute our best to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. Welcome to join our group.



Low dimensional electronics offer great potential to implement next-generation integrated systems for both on-board computing and information storage. In our publications, we focus on studying charge transport and developing possible logic applications. 



We are seeking highly motivated postdoc. research fellow who has a solid background in Solid-state Electronics, Condensed Matter Physics, Electronics Engineering (EE), Materials Science, or other related fields. The interested applicants with a strong motivation to perform cutting-edge research in these areas are highly encouraged to contact us through Email:

Undergraduate, MS, and Ph.D. students who are interested in our research are also welcome to join us. Please contact Dr. Yen-Fu Lin.


Current opening positions:
  1. "several "undergraduate students (highly proactive and ambitious)
  2. "1" MS students (highly proactive and ambitious)
  3.  "2-3" Ph.D. students (physics/EE related_prefered or others)
  4. "1" postdoc. fellow (physics/EE related_prefered)
(update 2023/05/01)

Contact US

Dr. Yen-Fu Lin

No. 250, Guoguang Rd.,

Taichung City 402, Taiwan

Tel: +886-4-22840427 ext. 291​


Thanks for submitting!

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